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University of Maryland selects Earth Security for Traffic Study

Earth Security Electronics, Inc. recently delivered a pair of mobile license plate capture units to the University of Maryland Traffic Safety and Operations Laboratory. The staff at the lab will use the new units in a traffic study in the Washington DC area. Each unit employs two INEX/ZAMIR HY 190 camera/illuminators, a server running INEX/ZAMIR recognition software, and solar panels with batteries to provide power.

The units were delivered earlier this month and have undergone extensive testing for accuracy. Not only do the cameras capture clear, high-contrast images of passing plates in day and night lighting conditions, the INEX/ZAMIR software accurately deciphers and records the alphanumeric characters on the plates captured. The units were placed on Kenilworth Avenue in Greenbelt, Maryland for calibration and testing. Greenbelt is a highly diverse suburb of Washington DC with a wide sampling of license plates available from many different states. Each state uses their own colors, reflective materials, and fonts, making the accurate capture and recognition of such a varied sample even more critical.

Petar Pavlov, Earth Security’s Chief Technology Officer said they worked with INEX/ZAMIR to fine tune the accuracy of the software once the initial deployment was finished. “Our recognition accuracy is now consistently running considerably higher than the contract specification requires,” said Pavlov.

Earth Security is a value-added reseller of security electronics, specializing in the design installation and service of video surveillance, access control and license plate capture systems. The company is based in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

For more information on Earth Security, please visit the company website at: www.earthsecurity.com. Release written by Gordon Dunlap - October 24, 2008