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Why ALPR Specific Camera not CCTV One

Why would one need Automatic License Plates Recognition Specific Cameras? What is the difference between regular CCTV/IP Cameras and ANPR/ALPR Cameras?

License Plates from all over the WorldFirst, please take a look at the License Plate samples from all over the USA and the World; as you can see, there are various backgrounds’ as well as various numbers’ and fonts’ colors.

In addition to different color schemes, some states allow pictures to be part of the plate design.  For example, Vermont plates have a tree and Wyoming plates have a cowboy imprinted right into the middle. New Jersey and a couple of other states have two small letters above each other at the beginning of the license plates. The list can go on, and on, and on…

License Plates from all over the WorldThere are also numerous external factors such as weather, lighting, car speed, etc. Regular CCTV Cameras can capture videos or pictures but, as you can see, in bad wheather one can hardly see the car - less so - the car’s license plate.

ALPR Specific Cameras can take a picture of a license plate of any color on vehicles traveling up to 150mph in any lighting or weather conditions. That high definiton picture can easily and accurately be converted into numbers by the OCR processor.

Please, take a look at the side by side images of the License Plates taken by INEX/ZAMIR ALPR Camera and regular CCTV Camera:

Which of the license plate images are clear enough for an OCR technology to easily and accurately process it into numbers? The photo taken by the IZ ALPR Specific Camera is crisp-clear with background separated from letters and numbers. In sum, if your company needs accuracy in reading license plates, ALPR/ANPR specific cameras are the way to go.