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The IZA1000, long-range all-in-one ALPR Camera Solution combines two sensors (B&W and color), a quad core processor, and ALPR software in a single unit, delivering crystal clear images, automatically recognized license plate data, GPS coordinates, and streaming video.

access control

The IZA1000 all-in-one ALPR camera creates an efficient, accurate and reliable platform, enabling VMS operations management to recognize and evaluate vehicle patterns, detect suspicious behavior and run faster forensics

Main Features

•  Dual Sensor Technology: Delivers both color and infrared images of the vehicle and the license plate.
•  Built-in Real-Time ALPR Engine: Less than ¼ of a second plate processing time.
•  Multiple Flash Technology with IR Illumination System:  Enables the camera to capture multiple plate images, ensuring the highest quality photo, in all lighting and weather conditions.
•  Anti-Glare Technology: Eliminates headlight glare, providing legible plate images with high contrast.
•  Integrated with OnSSI, NICE, LENEL, AMAG, Milestone, 3VR, CRGT, TYCO, Skidata, Axis, Vicon, Abdi and many more 

Please click to download this infromation here: IZA1000 Series
Please click here to download tech data sheet: IZA1000 Data Sheet