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INEX Technologies completes integration of the SICK Laser Measurement and Detection Device

INEX/ZAMIR (INEX Technologies) has completed in-house trials and integration of the SICK LMS211 laser device.


INEX/ZAMIR is the recognized front runner for ALPR (Automatic License Plate Readers) in high speed toll violation enforcement applications with several hundreds of lanes awarded in just the past few years alone. Open road tolling (ORT) systems require the ability to capture and accurately read license plates of vehicles traveling at speeds up to 200 km/h, or 120 mph. INEX/ZAMIR needed a device that could trigger their ALPR system reliably at those speeds and the SICK device met that requirement; it is already successfully deployed on high speed tolling systems in many parts of the world.

“We have seen trending on road projects indicating some movement away from anything embedded in the roadway. As a result we investigated what the market had to offer in the way of non-contact triggers for high speed” said Jim Kennedy, president of INEX Technologies. INEX/ZAMIR currently interfaces their ALPR solution to all types of external triggers. These include a variety of in-ground loops as well as optical triggers designed to meet the needs of projects ranging from slow speed parking applications to high speed toll and ITS projects. “We thought it prudent to develop the integration of an accepted laser device such as the LMS series from SICK. Having that integration completed in advance allows our customers greater flexibility” Kennedy added.

The SICK laser detector’s configuration software can reside on the INEX/ZAMIR DPU processor hosting the ALPR algorithms, or can be placed on a laptop for easy and convenient changes in configuration. The connection from the detector to the host computer is made through a serial RS-232 interface, allowing for fast device parameter data transference.

The SICK laser detector uses pulsed laser beams which reflect off objects entering the monitored field that are captured by the device’s receiver, providing the INEX/ZAMIR system with a timely external trigger signal. The SICK laser detector’s ability to cover a relatively wide area and multiple monitored fields allows for flexibility in system design and in-lane placement.

INEX/ZAMIR has developed a custom I/O control system to manage the SICK laser detector’s trigger output, transforming the SICK’s 24VDC output to an easily managed 5VDC allowing the connection of all existing INEX/ZAMIR license plate reader products, or other system components as each individual application dictates.

For more information please contact INEX/ZAMIR at infoinexzamir.com or go to our website www.INEXZAMIR.com Please visit the INEX/ZAMIR booth at the upcoming Intertraffic Exhibition in Amsterdam the week of March 22nd, 2010.