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INEX Technologies adds comprehensive data mining tool for toll road violation enforcement.

Knoxville Tennessee October 17, 2011 – INEX Technologies, a leading supplier of automated solutions for violation enforcement who market their products and services under the INEX/ZAMIR brand, announce the launch of TaP, a comprehensive data mining tool designed to greatly reduce the necessity for human review of video data in the violation processing segment of existing and future toll roads. TaP, which stands for Time and Place, uses the daily results from the human review station, along with other license plate data generated in the back office of an AET (All Electronic Tolling) or ORT (Open Road Tolling) system, to improve the accuracy of automatic license plate reader (LPR) systems.

A practical example of the benefits derived from TaP is when a license plate is read by the LPR system and returns a confidence level suggesting it should be sent for human review – a major cost factor in existing toll systems. With TaP incorporated in the process, the license plate read result is checked against a list comprised of plates previously processed by human review and those which were automatically processed. By checking the license plate in question against this data set the confidence level may be increased if that particular plate has previously been seen by the system at that particular location (ramp, plaza, mile marker, etc) and at the same time of day. The number of such occurrences, balanced with other data, will determine the level of increase assigned to the confidence level and such increases will, in most cases, allow the event to be automatically processed, bypassing human review. The guidelines for increasing the confidence level ratings are designed to be flexible, and are configured via user definable parameters. “The idea for the TaP system came about when we learned from some of our existing toll road partners that upwards of 80% of their toll violations were attributable to existing subscribers to the toll road. Perhaps the transponder battery had gone bad, the reader system malfunctioned, the tag was not in the car or some other reason prevented the transaction from being automatically processed. But what stuck in our mind was that we should already know the license plate number of at least 80% of the violations we were tasked with identifying; somewhere that license plate number was already in the system.” said INEX’s Jim Kennedy. “That led us to consider other data available to improve the confidence of LPR read results - the human review list and the list of automatically processed license plates gave us the time and the place as well as the frequency of occurrence. That only left the question of how do we make beneficial use of all that existing data and that led to the development of TaP” Kennedy added.

The TaP system provides additional benefits to the user by tracking and recording new state license plate issue series as well as the beginning and ending series numbers for specialty license plates, making the task of identifying those plates easier. It is also an excellent aid in confirming the state of issue based on series numbers tracked for surrounding states. Kennedy also noted the TaP approach can be applied to any existing LPR violation enforcement system that has the data available for use, whether it is an INEX/ZAMIR system or that from another supplier.

INEX/ZAMIR is the combination of INEX Technologies of Knoxville, Tennessee and Zamir Recognition Systems of Jerusalem, Israel. The two companies merged in 2006 and are dedicated to applying the most current, proven information extraction techniques to meet the requirements of real world applications. The company's systems are deployed in over twenty countries. http://www.inexzamir.com