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A Global Investment Bank in NYC Installs INEX TECH ALPR System

A Global Investment Bank Headquarters in NYC, NY Installs INEX TECHNOLOGIES - ALPR Camera System - IZ-Surveillance Vehicle Recognition System to Enhance Facility Vehicle Entrance Security.
This Global Headquarters New York City facility is located just off one of the busiest intersections in the world. It draws tens of thousands of visitors every day, including a number of famous VIP’s and finance moguls. With a tremendous volume of facility vehicle activity, the entrance areas are constantly busy with private cars, limousine along with taxicabs, all dropping off, waiting and picking up people in from all over the Tri-State area. This “loading zone” activity rivals many midsize airport and train stations.

The Business Challenge

The Global Director of the Bank’s Security Team faced the challenge of positive vehicle identification upon entering or exiting their multiple lane road ways. While the Bank has more than 1,500 video CCTV cameras, not one could capture a license plate accurately under all environmental conditions. If there were an incident, there would be no way to search for a specific car or look for the patterns of automobiles using the facility in the past due to vehicle and LP database absence. Vehicle ID data recalls are critical components that were missing from the overall security program.

Additionally, since all “black cars” or taxi cabs were nearly identical, visual positive vehicle identification became a daunting task. Even stationing security guards to assist in jotting down license plates, entry/exit/waiting times proved to be a useless endeavor resulting in slowing down the flow of traffic.

Moreover, since the traffic turnover is continuous there was no way to create or maintain up to date listing of vehicles permitted into the area; thus, making the company’s 24/7 security team’s ability for the fast forensics nearly impossible.

The facility already had a state of the art Video Management System installed and its Director was looking only for a time-tested ALPR Solution having a successful history of integration with their particular VM Platform.  If these challenges were not enough, the surrounding aesthetics and discretion were critical; as this is the Company’s main entrance and its appearances were an integral part of overall image of the Bank. What’s more, with various CCTV Cameras already installed, adding additional ALPR cameras and processors into existing covert housing (bollards) was an extra challenge that INEX would face.

The Perfect Solution

Inex/Zamir mission is to be at the forefront of Innovation in the Design, Development and Manufacture of Automatic License Plate and Vehicle Recognition Technology.

IZSurveillance is next generation license plate recognition (ALPR) for the North American Security Marketplace. It provides the real-time vehicle analysis that organizations need, immediately feeding the computer with events created from a vehicles plate data into Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control Systems, or high-level Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM). Seamless integration (due to our unique open architecture platform) allows for flexible adaptation to a particular lane characteristics and integration with various video and access management software. What is more, these integrations with the existing video management platform also mean no additional employee training is necessary.

All vehicle data is stored on the existing (VMS) video management system that controls key information. Recall of all data is as simple as keying a license plate number (or partial number) for immediate call of a particular event and/or related video. The VMS central repository stores license plates reads as well as associated data and images in a single database, allowing for reports, alarms, and forensic analysis based on various Vehicle and ALPR descriptions.

In addition, IZSurveillance System provides the ability to automatically recognize and evaluate vehicle patterns, helping the user move from a reactive into a predictive security mode. INEX/ZAMIR Unique Vehicle and ALPR Identification Technology allows for positive identification of 3,600 vehicles per hour at speeds up to 120 mph. INEX/ZAMIR ALPR camera’s contains a modular system architecture design in order to accommodate unique customer requirements for unique form factor solutions. There are number of successful projects where ALPR cameras have been designed to fit into protective bollards, street light fixtures, roadside trailers, and other covert deployments.

Alex Sarin, Inex/Zamir Vice President of the Engineering went to the Bank location to discuss and evaluate the needs of the bank’s security installment.
“I was faced with multiple challenges. All of the set up prerequisites were of equal importance and I had to come up with combination of the various products and product’s components to cover not only ALPR Vehicle identification, but also environmental and aesthetic requirements set up by the Bank and the City of New York. Fortunately, Inex/Zamir’s exceptional engineering team was able to create a custom solution for the Corporation. Now the Bank has IZ system that is perfectly installed in their facility feeding the platform with all vehicle data – treating it as single event - and storing this information in the database for immediate “ forensics and analysis.””

"I couldn't be happier with the results. Inex/Zamir LP and Vehicle Identification system does exactly what I wished for and has exceeded all of our expetations. Every goal I had for the system is fulfilled and it works perfectly. I don't know what else to say - I've been very, very pleased," said Director of the Bank Security.