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INEX TECHNOLOGIES offers a wide range of license plate recognition solutions (ALPR / ANPR) to meet the needs of any installation.
Whether the application is monitoring toll roads, security and access control, or parking and inventory management, INEX TECHNOLOGIES offers a multitude of License Plate Recognition Solutions (LPR), tailored directly to the user’s specific needs.

INEX TECHNOLOGIES proven turnkey License Plate Recognition solutions include all the system components needed for system operation, including ALPR Cameras to capture the license plate, processors to convert the video into computer readable data, and software to manage the system and provide business logic for data analysis and 3rd-party integration.

Clients using INEX TECHNOLOGIES License Plate Recognition technology can monitor and locate law enforcement suspects through vehicle of interest watch-list alerting; prevent ticket fraud and manage parking lot inventory operations to recoup lost revenues, improve customer service and lower the cost of operations; limit access and control entry point congestion to secure locations based on vehicle credentials; monitor violation enforcement system (VES) transactions to identify violators on toll roads and alleviate current congestion on high-traffic roadways while generating invaluable data for future traffic pattern analysis studies.

Analyzing data generated by INEX TECHNOLOGIES License Plate Recognition systems can also identify the busiest lanes, entry/exit points, or times of the day, assuring the most efficient allocation of resources and assets in any application.

Whatever the automatic vehicle recognition requirements are, INEX TECHNOLOGIES has the complete solution.

Security & Public Safety Security & Public Safety IZAccess License Plate Recognition provides dual-credentialing and eliminates bottlenecking at facility entry points IZSurveillanceEnables Users To Recognize And Evaluate Vehicle Patterns, Which Allows Move From Reactive To Predictive Security Postures IZSafeRoad Galvanizes Monitoring Operations With Enhanced BOLO Alerts
Parking Parking IZParking License Plate Recognition Provides Revenue Fraud Prevention And Ready-Made Data For Occupancy Studies IZParking-Mobile Increases Inventory Operations Speed And Efficiency, Saving Operators Bottom Line Costs, While Enhancing Customer Service
Tolling & ITS Tolling & ITS IZToll Returns High Value To Tolling Operators/Authorities With Multi-Purposed Vehicle Recognition Data, While Also Lowering Costs With Infrequent Human Review Needs IZTravelTime License Plate Reader improves Traffic Congestion Relief While Providing Invaluable Ready-Made Data For Traffic Pattern Studies And Analysis IZDVAS Increases Processing Capacity And Lowers Costs From Faster Audit Operations Decision-Making