INEX/ZAMIR’s IZTRAVELTIME TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, employing the world’s premiere vehicle identification technology, presents the best combination of accuracy and reliability in integrated automatic license plate recognition for travel time traffic management systems in the world.

The IZTRAVELTIME TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SOLUTION is specifically designed for modern traffic management operations that require the best possible performance in handling high traffic throughput under all lighting and environmental conditions, while functioning in a 24-by-7 operational cycle, all contributing to improved traffic congestion relief within the monitored system.

Today’s transportation planners need more than the immediate data for managing the day-to-day traffic issues. Planners also need the data that allows them to forecast for the traffic management needs of the future. INEX/ZAMIR’s IZTRAVELTIME SOLUTION delivers that data with its built-in data-mining tools that empower traffic engineers with customizable traffic data reports for in-depth traffic pattern studies and analysis.

In addition to its vehicle identification capabilities, the IZTRAVELTIME SOLUTION offers several unique and innovative data optimization features to enhance the traffic management system’s performance efficiency, while lowering the cost of maintenance for any extensive long-term data storage requirements. In addition, IZTRAVELTIME’s modular design makes integration with existing traffic management systems simple, which lowers the time and costs normally associated with installation and training.


IZTRAVELTIME Deployed Within The Traffic  Management System In Vancouver, BC, CanadaIZTRAVELTIME Deployed Within The Traffic Management System In Vancouver, BC, Canada Processes 3,600 Vehicles Per Hour At Speeds Up To 120 mph (193 km/h)Built-in Database Mining Tools Allows In-Depth Traffic Pattern Studies & AnalysisModular System Design Allows Simplified Integrations With Existing Traffic Management SystemsDepartments Of Transportation, City Municipalities, Government & University/College Traffic Studies