INEX TECHNOLOGIES’ IZSECURITY VEHICLE RECOGNITION SOLUTION, employing the world’s premiere vehicle recognition technology, offers the most effective vehicle identification and surveillance solution. The system reads and stores license plates of passing vehicles into the VMS database for investigative use, data analysis, mapping, and sharing with various agencies. The ALPR Camera System and IZCentral Software Package enables VMS to receive and display vehicle license plates, and to compare license plate data with existing vehicle databases such as BOLO (Be On the Lookout), blacklists and whitelists, stolen vehicles, etc. The system automatically identifies the passing vehicles and alerts the operator.  The ALPR system also enables the VMS to analyze vehicle patterns. When a vehicle has been within the ALPR Camera System’s field of view for more than a configurable number of times within a given period, the system can alert the security personnel and record the time and GPS coordinates of the encounter.

Organizations today, including law enforcement agencies, private and government facilities and university campuses, are looking for ways to better identify vehicles coming into and out of their sphere of control. IZSECURITY VEHICLE RECOGNITION SOLUTION provides the real-time analysis these organizations need, feeding computer recognizable vehicle recognition data into Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control Systems, or high-level Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM).

Building on its foundation of solid technology partnerships, INEX TECHNOLOGIES’ IZSECURITY VEHICLE RECOGNITION SOLUTION is already a seamlessly integrated solution with world-class surveillance and security system providers such as Milestone, OnSSI, Verint, NICE, Vicon, Geutebruck, VidSys, ConvergenceTP and many more.


Cameras Covering A Wide Access LaneCameras Covering A Wide Access Lane Move From Reactive To Predictive Security ModeQuarter of a second processing speedStand-Alone Operation As Well As Integration With DVR/NVR, VMS, Access Control and PSIM SystemsVehicle Pattern Analysis From BOLO DatabasesLaw Enforcement Agencies, Private/Government Facilities and College/University Campuses