INEX TECHNOLOGIES’ IZPATROL – MOBILE VEHICLE OF INTEREST SOLUTIONpresents the best combination of speed and accuracy in automated vehicle identification specifically designed for operation in law enforcement patrol vehicles. The IZPATROL – MOBILE SOLUTION mounts to the patrol vehicle, delivering full coverage to the immediate surrounding areas, to provide vehicle identification, audible and visual alerts and real-time communications with the back office central command.

The IZPATROL – MOBILE SOLUTION, in conjunction with INEX TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary vehicle identification software, automatically provides officers with captured and read license plate data for comparison in real-time to millions of records from various watchlists for quick identification of vehicles of interest. This state of the art vehicle identification system captures and reads license plates in any lighting or weather condition, day or night. The vehicle identification libraries include license plates from all over the world, including all 50 states in the USA, the countries of Europe, the Middle East, South and Central America, Asia and more.

The IZPATROL – MOBILE SOLUTION identifies and records vehicle data, including the license plate number, event date and time stamping, the vehicle’s GPS location, the license plate image, and a color vehicle and scene overview image. In coming months, the vehicle’s Make, Model and Color will also be included in each event record. The information is stored and analyzed for use in witness identification, creating a vehicle location profile map, vehicle pattern analysis, and watchlist development.


IZPATROL – MOBILE User ConsoleIZPATROL – MOBILE User Console Accurate Vehicle Identification Of Moving Or Parking Vehicles Regardless Of Weather Or Lighting Conditions, Day Or NightEmpowers Field Officers With Interactive Information SharingAlerts Officers In Real-time To Vehicles Of InterestDynamic Watchlist(s) Updating