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IZPARKING-MOBILE VEHICLE INVENTORY SYSTEM presents the best combination of speed and accuracy in automated parking lot inventory management in the world. As the acknowledged vehicle identification solution standard for vehicle inventory by license plate recognition, INEX/ZAMIR’S IZPARKING-MOBILE SYSTEM is the complete solution every vehicle inventory operation needs for revenue fraud reduction.

The IZPARKING-MOBILE SYSTEM provides management a complete vehicle historical profile – when it entered the facility, how long it has been in the facility and where within the facility it is located – preventing ticket swapping or “lost ticket” scams.

Mounted in a roving vehicle, the IZPARKING-MOBILE SYSTEM automatically captures and builds an inventory of all vehicles onsite. Each license plate is captured, read, and stored in a database in the IZVDPU MOBILE SYSTEMS PROCESSOR mounted in the roving vehicle. At any point during collection, the operator can view and edit captured data. The roving vehicle follows a set route throughout the lot, and can monitor any size parking facility, including airport parking lots or large event facilities.

Audible or visual alerts inform the operator of vehicles of interest, including stolen vehicles or those that have been onsite for excessive time periods. All inventory data from plate reads, including plate number and location by lot, section and row, can be uploaded to a central database for storage, queries and reporting.


IZParking-Mobile Solution Imagers In Stacked ConfigurationIZParking-Mobile Solution Imagers In Stacked Configuration Rapid Vehicle Inventory CountsAccurate plate reads regardless of time of day or lighting conditionsPinpoint “Lost Vehicle” LocationReduces Revenue Fraud and allows Performance of Occupancy StudiesGPS Mapping feature