INEX/ZAMIR’s IZPARKING INTEGRATED REVENUE PARKING SOLUTION, employing the world’s premiere vehicle identification technology, presents the best combination of accuracy and reliability in integrated automatic license plate recognition for revenue parking systems in the world.

With the IZPARKING INTEGRATED REVENUE PARKING SOLUTION, any advantage an unscrupulous parking client had by switching out parking tickets with other clients or feigning a “lost ticket” is removed, virtually eliminating fraud from the revenues equation.

The IZPARKING INTEGRATED REVENUE PARKING SOLUTION accomplishes this task by tying the identified vehicle’s license plate number to the parking system’s transaction ID embedded in each client’s ticket upon vehicle entry into the system. When the vehicle is exiting, the matched license plate number is validation of the ticket, and the calculated time interval from the entry and exit events’ time/date stamping is used to verify the correct occupancy charge to the client.

Additionally, vehicle data generated by the system can be put to use for Performance of Occupancy studies to find out how efficient one section or lot is performing versus another, which adds a new and powerful metric to the evaluation of parking system utilization.

Building on its foundation of solid technology partnerships, INEX/ZAMIR’s IZPARKING INTEGRATED REVENUE PARKING SOLUTION is already a seamlessly integrated solution with world-class revenue parking system providers such as SkiData, Amano-McGann, Scheidt & Bachmann, and T.I.B.A, with other integrated solutions underway.


IZPARKING Solution Deployed At Airport Parking FacilityIZPARKING Solution Deployed At Airport Parking Facility Provides Matched Entry/Exit Vehicle IDs Coupled To Parking System Transactions For Simplified VerificationReduces Revenue Fraud And Allows Performance Of Occupancy StudiesProvides Alternative Reference For “Lost Tickets”Integrations With Revenue Parking System Industry Leaders Such As SkiData, Amano-McGann, Scheidt&Bachmann, T.I.B.A, and moreAirports, Event Venues, Municipal Garages and University/College Parking Facilities