INEX/ZAMIR’s RED LIGHT, DIRECTION OF TRAVEL (DOT), SPEEDING, AND BUS LANE VIOLATION ENFORCEMENT SOLUTION, employing the world’s premiere vehicle identification technology, presents the best combination of accuracy and reliability in integrated automatic license plate and vehicle recognition for red light, direction of travel, speeding and bus lane violation enforcement systems (VES) in the world.

The IZENFORCEMENT SYSTEM (VES) SOLUTION is specifically designed for modern red light, direction of travel, and bus lane operations that require the best possible performance in handling high traffic throughput under all lighting and environmental conditions, while functioning in a 24-by-7 operational cycle.

Besides the IZENFORCEMENT SYSTEM (VES) SOLUTION, road operators have a powerful tool designed not only for high performing VES operations, but also to expand the practical use of vehicle identification beyond simple license plate images and reads. IZENFORCEMENT SOLUTION can provide operator systems with independent verification of vehicle classification and typing by making full use of the natively generated vehicle identification data and its ability to analyze and identify the same information from existing data.

In addition to its vehicle identification capabilities, the IZENFORCEMENT SOLUTION offers several unique and innovative image optimization features to enhance the VES system’s performance efficiency, while lowering the cost of maintenance for any extensive long-term data storage requirements.


IZEnforcement SolutionIZEnforcement Solution Deter ViolationsConsistently Accurate Violators IdentificationReduction of False ViolationsVisual Proof of ViolationReduced Processing TimeIncreased Revenue for Municipalities and Transportation Departments