INEX-TECH’s IZACCESS FACILITY ACCESS CONTROL INTEGRATION SOLUTION, employing the world’s premiere License Plate identification technology, provides the ability to immediately grant or deny access to a facility based on identification of the vehicle. Granting or denying access to a gated secure compound, private community or government facility generally requires some action on the part of the driver. The INEX-TECH software provides packages that will allow the system to grant access to any gated area based on the license plate of the vehicle approaching the gate, automatically and without the necessity of a guard or attendant. By utilizing a vehicle’s license plate as a user credential, the system requires no additional equipment such as RFID chips and barcodes – making this the least expensive and most reliable system on the market.

INEX-TECH ALPR system can be configured to allow access for authorized vehicles only and prompts security checks on all other vehicles, thereby improving security, personnel effectiveness and increasing community safety. For more secure facilities, the system can be configured so that when a vehicle approaches the entry gate the license plate number is captured and compared to an existing law agencies’ database.

Not only INEX-TECH ALPR System can enhance your security by giving you the ability to control, monitor and log every vehicle entering your premises, it can also reduce the cost of employing parking and security staff as well as eliminate bottlenecks at the entry point. You can monitor an unlimited number of traffic lanes with each vehicle being logged on the system’s database. In addition you will be able to find specific information on any vehicle which has entered your premises and increase security by restricting access of non-authorized vehicles

Within the access control system infrastructure the IZACCESS FACILITY ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION works as a second card reader system, permitting the user to easily control access on a vehicle by vehicle basis.

Using the license plate as the credential requires no interaction from the driver, virtually eliminating wait times and bottlenecks caused by the need to stop and show or swipe an ID badge.

Seamless integration with the existing access control system also means no additional employee training is necessary. All data is stored on the existing access control system, which controls all access decisions. For added flexibility, the IZACCESS FACILITY ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION allows optional Wiegand format integration that works with most existing access control systems’ access panels.

Building on its foundation of solid technology partnerships, INEX-TECH’s IZACCESS FACILITY ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION is already an integrated solution with world-class access control system providers such as Lenel, Software House, EasyLobby, PSCS and ABDi, AMAG, and many more.


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