IZA800ORT ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recognition Camera- System was designed specifically for the ITS and Video-based Tolling markets.

All-in-one IZA80ORT License Plate Recognition Camera combines two sensors (B&W and color), a quad core processor, and ALPR software in a single unit, delivering crystal clear images, automatically recognized license plate data, GPS coordinates, and streaming video.

The IZA800ORT all-in-one camera system delivers the most accurate license plate reading system on the market. It features real-time data processing, and maintains high accuracy in all lighting and weather conditions at vehicle speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. The IZA800ORT enables Tolling and ITS lane operators to enforce toll violations, monitor traffic, and perform open road tolling. The LPR system transmits the vehicle’s license plate number and associated images to the management center for further processing, without any additional lane hardware. IZA800ORT, all-in-one License Plate Recognition Camera system decreases lane costs and increases recognition performance. Additional performance improvements can be achieved when the IZA800ORT Series is coupled with the company’s proprietary InSignia™ Time & Place (TaP) Enhanced Recognition Technology. License Plate Recognition Camera for Tolling and free-flow - please, call us for more information.